We are by all standards could be the All American Couple: lived the suburban lifestyles as kids and got married young. But that is just on the surface. We are in love with an undeniable forever future. We are not just ‘making it work,’ we believe in time; not in money or things or building a bigger brighter future. This is our one shot at life, why not live it?

We have found a peace between society and a passion for the alternative style of life. We live to spread our message about our Ra’Co Life. Blend it baby – that’s the way to a happy existence.

We met on a whim as Rache’s friend in Ithaca found Kurt’s Cuisine and read the story on Kurt’s company website. Both of us went to the same college and came together in Ithaca at the same time; paralleled lifestyles with Baltimore at the heart of the beginning of both of our adventures. We quickly went from acquaintances to friends to lovers to life partners and never looked back.

We got married when pregnant out of request of Grammy (Rache’s 92 year old Grandmother) and decided to legally change our names from Kurt Alan Uchtman & Erin Rachael Baird to Kurtis & Rache Brand. A mountain of paperwork later we are officially The Brand’s. And now we are a year and a half into the life of the newest (and definitely by far the cutest) addition of The Brand Fam: Miss Iza Ruby Brand. Gorgeous little blondie with blue eyes and our stubborn personalities. We are a happy little family.

Currently we live and work out of Central America so we can spend more time together as a family and slow down a little. There is just so much to do and there is never a shortage of excitement, discussion or projects to keep us occupied. Baby just adds to the conversation and enjoyment of it all. So, stay tuned!

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